Odyssey Waterproof Dry Bag, Black, 10L

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#WATERPROOF bag made of quality thermo welded PVC Tarpaulin – Yeah it’s that tough
An airtight seal keeps water and sand out and your contents dry.
#VERSATILE and adjustable shoulder strap allows for comfort when traveling
Sun and Salt Water resistant clips, buckles, and bag material.
#BONUS smart phone dry bag for smaller trips. It will float with you down stream.

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The Odyssey 10L Dry Bag and Bonus smartphone dry bag creates the perfect combination of waterproof bags for any adventurer. Whether you’re white water rafting the grand canyon, kayaking a serene lake, or going out on a dive trip, these bags will protect your goods from water, salt, sun, and sand. Our waterproof dry bags are made of 500D PVC tarpaulin, also known as the toughest waterproof material known to man. It’s stain resistant, anti-static, UV protected, anti-bacterial, and temperature resistant. What’s most important though is that it has an incredibly high tear strength and it’s pliable so you can easily load up and close the bag without struggle. These will last a LIFETIME. Since we’re tossing in the smart phone waterproof dry bag for free, you can plan for a big day with the 10L bag or a small trip tubing down the river with friends and your small dry bag for your phone, friends phones, and keys. It will float down the river with you. Just make sure to tie it off =)

UPC code: 784672824750

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