Goodturn Paper Towel Holder

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#ONEHAND – Grab and tear off a single sheet of paper towel with only one hand all the way to the last sheet.
#STABLE – We added extra weight to the non-slip base so it never moves around while you’re pulling off sheets.
#SIMPLE – No buttons, levers, or spring activated arms to use. Just slide your fresh paper towel roll down and you’re done. Our silicone grip design does the work.
#STAINLESS steel construction makes this last forever and look beautiful in your kitchen or office.
#ANY SIZE paper towel roll will fit. So go ahead and get that extra large roll.

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This paper towel holder design came from years of frustrating and failed attempts to hold a dinner plate and grab a napkin at the same time. We’ve removed the levers, knobs, and the struggle that came with one-handed tearing. Slide your new paper towel roll over our tapered silicone shaft to hold your roll firmly. With your dinner plate, drink, or baby in hand, easily grab and tear away a paper towel sheet without the struggle. It’s guaranteed to work all the way to the last sheet. Enjoy.

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